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French Country Home Design

Stepping out of your comfort zone

French County home design offers a different style than what most people are used to, such as modern or contemporary.  Through mixed patterns, vibrant color, and elegant styling, French county home design lets you live luxuriously but comfortably.  Here are some popular options when considering a French country home design.

Re-imagining the Main Spaces of Your Home

Dedicating a room to having a centerpiece item can help that specific room stand out and transcend everything else around it.  For example, the kitchen might feature wood faux beams on the ceiling or a nice breakfast nook that sits comfortably off of the main kitchen area to expand the space and give your morning routine a new look.

The Little Things

French country home design stresses the little details to help accentuate the look and feel of the home.  Mix raw with refined, old with new, boldness with elegance; all these help transcend the appeal of your French country design.

Get Creative

French country home design looks to be bolder than contrasting design styles. While often restrained when it comes to details, use a number of different décor colors for different types of rooms.  Your bathroom might feature more greyish tones while the kitchen might feature more white and blue.


Furniture has a huge impact on the design of your home and that couldn’t be more prevalent with a French country home design. Some popular options to include in your design are:

  • Hanging lanterns
  • Curtains
  • Wood shelves in the kitchen
  • Stone and brick exterior
  • An Armoire
  • Wooden chairs and coffee tables

While these are just some of the options to choose from regarding a French country home design, we can help guide you through all the little design aspects and questions you might have.

It’s time to create your dream home!

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