Lot Acquisition

Are you searching for the ideal piece of land to build your dream home?

Then you may have noticed that good lots in the Northern Virginia area can be hard to find. And even once you find a piece of land, how do you know you can actually build on it?

As experienced architects and builders, we have the skills to assess land for specific attributes that tell us whether or not we can build your dream home on it.


Architectural Expertise

As both architects and realtors, we possess the unique advantage of envisioning your future home while searching for the right lot. Our extensive experience allows us to assess potential properties with your house in mind, ensuring the perfect fit. Enjoy the added value of AV’s expertise and not only considering price, zip codes, and proximity to schools.

Comprehensive Assessment of Lot Feasibility

We consider various factors that could affect your dream home’s construction and feasibility, including lot size, shape, topography, orientation, utilities, zoning requirements, resource protection areas, historic restrictions, HOA limitations, neighborhood comps, and more.

No Strings Attached

Clients of our lot acquisition service most often choose to also build their dream home with our firm, but that is not a requirement. You are free to take your lot and move on to work with another architect or builder of your choice.

Let’s Find Your Dream Lot Together

Schedule a Free Consultation today to kickstart your journey to finding the perfect lot for your dream home. Reach out to us now and let’s make your vision a reality!

Our Step-by-Step

Lot Acquisition Process

You describe your lot criteria

You describe your lot criteria

You describe your lot criteria

We search for land

We search for land

We search for land

Purchase your perfect lot!

Purchase your perfect lot!

Purchase your perfect lot!

Areas We Serve

Lot Acquisition services are available throughout the commonwealth of Virginia.

Francisca Alonso, Licensed in Virginia.

Keri Schull, Keri Shull Team

“Over the last decade I have helped hundreds of families build homes for their families, and I have seen the same consistent problems come up. Francisca and her team have created a model completely different from how other builders operate which resolves many of those problems. Francisca and her team actually walk their clients through every step of the selections process and accompany every design appointment they can help clients get absolute clarity on this up front. On that note, their clients have a true selections and design concierge that is there to take on the burden of spending the time with every piece of the selections process. if you are interested in high quality and amazing service, give them a call!”

Jay Hurst, Jay Hurst Homes

“My business is luxury real estate sales and consulting. I recently toured their model home in Great Falls, Virginia. When I tour homes, I frequently ask myself if I could live there. It helps me stay in touch with what makes a residence a home. Some luxury properties can be big warehouses or lack thoughtful design altogether. I can wholeheartedly say I could live in this model. There is a unique blend of design, cozy spaces, and room to entertain guests. And superior build quality.”