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Open Concept Floor Plan

Finding space and maximizing floor plan

Open-concept layouts have become increasingly popular, and for good reason.  By opting for an open concept floor plan, your everyday activities around the home become shared experiences.  There usually are signs that help you determine which areas of your home need to be eliminated or which areas need to be bigger and more functional. To truly have an open concept floor plan, visualize the rooms you imagine you’ll use the most and determine how they will serve you.  Clutter and seating are key signs to build upon in an open concept floor plan, however there are several key determinants that dictate this type of design.

An open concept floor plan can tie together multiple rooms & areas of the house

Imagine cooking a nice dinner in your kitchen and venturing 10 feet away and you’re in the comfort of your living room.  This is how an open concept floor plan can affect the style of your home: by connecting each and every room so that there is a nice flow from one area to the next.  The kitchen and living room are one the most popular combinations in an open floor plan, as they are almost always paired together in any one home.  However, other options can include the master bedroom and a sitting area right outside that connects the room to the stairwell.  Immediately, it takes little to not time to transition from one room to the next.

An open concept floor plan can eliminate rooms you don’t use often (dead space)

What if you could have less of what you don’t use and more space for the rooms you really live in?  By combining multiple areas of your home, an open concept plan can eliminate that extra dead space that goes unnoticed in your home and acts more as an eye-sore.

It creates indoor-outdoor appeal for your home

Not only does an open concept floor plan combine spaces within your home, it also creates flow between the inside and outside of your home.

It puts a lot of emphasis on the little things

Details matter. The materials and fixtures you choose are the finishing touches to your open concept floor plan, but how do you know what fits your space?  Some examples of what to choose from include, but are not limited to:

  • Large windows for natural light
  • Pendant/light fixtures placed over the kitchen island
  • Distinctive colors that creates a cohesive look throughout the open area.
  • Custom cabinetry for an abundance of storage space

Opting for an open concept floor plan creates the perfect space that is both stylish and multifunctional. It’s important to remember that having a modern layout or design doesn’t mean you need to have modern fixtures and décor.  If you want to incorporate an open concept floor plan into your new home and have questions on how to increase the appeal of the layout, schedule your discovery meeting with us today.

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