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Modern Home Design

Modernizing your lifestyle

Modern home design is often characterized by clean lines, open living spaces and up-to-date technology.  Modern design has become increasingly popular over the years as more and more people are searching for a home that stresses function over form.  People want to be able to move from one room to another freely and not be restricted by separate spaces within their home.  Modern home design and contemporary design are very similar and can easily be confused with one another, though here are some key elements and descriptions to differentiate modern home design.

Details Matter

When it comes to modern home design, it’s all in the details. To make your home appear to be more open, include some of the following:

  • High ceilings
  • High baseboards and columns
  • Wider door frames
  • Less walls and doors
  • Color options – stick to either bold or soft hues

Natural Light

Not only are windows primal to a well done modern home design, it’s essential to how much natural light each room gets. Avoid see-through materials whenever possible, as natural silk, linen and cotton are better suited for a modern design.

The Little Things

The kind of pulls, knobs, door frames, and kitchen counters all drastically affect how your modern home design will eventually look. Hardwood is a preferred alternative to carpet in a modern design as it adds a classic and elegant appearance to any main room.  You can use carpet in more private areas such as the bedrooms.


Once you have laid the groundwork in your new modern home design, you can start to hone down on all the additional fixtures you will make.  Accessories help liven up any part of your home, but make sure not to break budget.  It’s a common misconception that adding too many accessories is counter-productive to your end goal.

We can offer more detail about modern home design and any other design you may have questions about by contacting us directly or setting up a meeting with our team.

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