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Modern Pool House

Our clients were looking for an exciting new way to entertain friends and family throughout the year; a luxury high-end custom pool house addition to their home. Looking to expand upon the modern look and feel of their home, we designed the pool house with modern selections, ranging from the stone to the pastel brick and slate roof.

The interior of the pool house is aligned with slip-resistant porcelain tile that is indistinguishable from natural wood. The fireplace and backsplash is covered with a metallic tile that gives it a rustic, yet beautiful, look that compliments the white interior. To cap off the lounge area, two large fans rest above to provide air flow both inside and outside.

The pool house is an adaptive structure that uses multi-panel folding doors. They appear large, though the lightness of the doors helps transform the enclosed, conditioned space into a permeable semi-open space. The space remains covered by an intricate cedar trellis and shaded retractable canopy, all while leading to the Al Fresco dining space and outdoor area for grilling and socializing. Inside the pool house you will find an expansive lounge area and linear fireplace that helps keep the space warm during the colder months. A single bathroom sits parallel to the wet bar, which comes complete with beautiful custom appliances and quartz countertops to accentuate the dining and lounging experience.