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Relocating to DC/VA

Know Your Bottom Line

Which Area of Greater DC is Right for You?

The prospect of moving to a new area can be daunting, especially when the area is a city as diverse and powerful as Washington, D.C.  To help our valued clients like you, we’ve compiled a wealth of information to make this more of an exciting journey than a stressful one.

The first thing to do is decide where you want to live.  There are over 125 neighborhoods in DC alone, each unique in what they offer.  Then there are the equally diverse areas of Northern Virginia and Western Maryland to consider, part of the greater DC metropolitan area often referred to as “DMV.”  From touring the monuments in the District, to cracking open a plate of crabs in Maryland, to enjoying a concert at Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts in Northern Virginia, there is much to do in our area, regardless of where you finally decide to plant your roots.1

How Much Will It Cost You?

For most people, the cost of living here can be shocking.  As of March 2017, a two-bedroom apartment in DC rents for an average of $2693 per month.2   When considering how little space you get for this very high cost, you can see why many people are flocking to the more pastoral areas west and south of the capital.  A similar two-bedroom apartment will only cost you an average of $1618 per month in rent if you live in Leesburg, VA.  But for the same price as your DC apartment, you can get a much larger, 3- or 4-bedroom townhouse or a single family home in Leesburg.3

What is Your Priority?

Location is key in this area, so you pay more to be closer to work and the cultural hotspots.  You have to weigh the importance of space and schools and neighborhoods with a longer commute.  Many people chose to live in a home in the suburbs of Northern Virginia, like Leesburg and Great Falls, because of the fantastic schools and larger lot sizes.  Others choose to live in areas of Western Maryland like Bethesda to get out of the city but stay in closer proximity.

If you are a family or single couple that plans on going to events in DC weekly and doesn’t want the hassle of a long commute, then DC proper may be your best bet.  But if the thought of raising your family in a ‘concrete jungle’ isn’t appealing, and you don’t mind balancing a longer commute for a more scenic neighborhood, then VA and MD are calling you.  The schools are better in VA and western MD than in southern MD directly below the District.

Should You Build or Buy?

As we’ve outlined above, there are pros and cons to both buying and renting in any area.  If your budget affords you the option of buying or building a home in the area, Northern Virginia is a big contender if you are looking for a lot bigger than half an acre.  While there are certainly additional expenses to think about like property taxes and school taxes, maintenance and mortgage, the benefits of owning your own home in an area that is ideal for your family outweighs them.

Let Our Experience and Vision Work for You

We work with all types of clients to help create their dream home within their budget and priorities.  You do not need a massive mansion in order to have all of the amenities and spaces you desire in your family home.  With our years of experience and our unique vision, we can design a home that suits your lifestyle, using high quality materials that provide functionality and beauty.

We can design your dream home from the ground up, or we can work with you to redesign an existing home to make it mold to your family’s needs.  Let us help you decide which choice is best for you and your family.  Contact us and start on your way to being a homeowner in one of the greatest places to live.

It’s time to create your dream home!

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Smart Home Automation: Featuring Sight and Sound Systems

Together, our experts covered everything you need to know about home automation, including:

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- Smart home trends for 2021

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