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Empty Nester House Plans (babyboomer) 55+

New Lifestyle, New Home Layout

The phrase empty nesters stand for something entirely different for homeowners today.  Instead of downsizing when your children move out, use this opportunity to redefine your living space in ways that reflect this new and exciting stage in your life.  Change the existing layout of your house to accommodate overnight guests upstairs and make it easier to access the key areas on the main floor by enlarging the bathroom and relocating the laundry room.

You don’t have to give up the home you love and have raised your family in.  Instead, prioritize your own needs again.  Taking this approach will open your eyes to the endless possibilities we can bring to life for you.

Address Your Changing Needs

Research shows that by age 65, an astounding 87% of empty nesters want to stay in their current house or community as they age.  However, 90% of those homeowners will procrastinate in preparing their home for aging in place and risk being forced into last minute, limited, and costly decisions by a health issue.  Act now by working with us to ensure all your needs are met with beautiful results.

Consider what your new lifestyle will mean:  more time for hobbies, visits from your grandchildren, adult entertaining, and more leisure time.  Reimagining your space to accommodate these new activities is a smart way to turn your existing home you’re your dream home.  You deserve that enlarged master suite or the home office you’ve always dreamed of. We can guide you in the right direction with designs that combine high quality materials with upgraded and functional amenities.

Smart Design Options

The key concepts of an empty nester house plan are convenience, functionality, and efficiency.  As architect/builders, we can help you age in place by carefully studying the way you want to live and coming up with design concepts that meet your needs and budget.  We will work with you to create your new vision of the ideal home.

Some of the things we can implement to achieve this are:

  • Master Suite on the first floor
  • Full accessible bath on the first floor
  • Wide and open hallways and floor plan
  • Adding an elevator and comfortable stairs
  • Sufficient natural and artificial lighting
  • Accessible outdoor spaces for relaxing

For example, enlarging the doorways and the space between counters would accommodate future wheelchair or walker use in years to come, creating a progressive living space.  Further extending this open feel from the kitchen through to the living room will create an ideal place for gathering during entertaining and everyday living.  Using sustainable materials provides low maintenance options that are durable and energy saving, as well as beautiful to the eye.

Removing sunken rooms and making thresholds and shower entryways curb-less may reduce tripping hazards.  And don’t forget about outdoor living spaces.  These areas are often untapped square footage that can extend your enjoyment of your home for years to come without having to put a costly addition on the house.  Incorporating a sprawling patio with built-in kitchen and grill into your house plan will allow you to entertain and enjoy the home with ease.

Work with Experts

AV Architects + Builders can you through your home and point out hidden opportunities for better space and functionality that will allow you to embrace your new lifestyle in your existing home.  Our partnerships with landscapers and interior designers can help you create easy-to-maintain designs that add value and curb appeal to your empty nester house plan.

Please view this short video that highlights the concepts discussed above:

It’s time to create your dream home!

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