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Remodeling or Building New

Taking the mystery out of the process.

Most people get overwhelmed by the thought of a remodel or redesign to improve the flow and feel of their house because they buy into three myths about really having the home they want.

  1. We need more space
  2. It will cost too much
  3. It has to happen overnight


Most times, people feel their home is too small and that it’s not meeting their needs.  They wonder if they need an addition but in reality, they have plenty of space at their disposal. The problem is that they aren’t using the space they have to their advantage.

Start by de-cluttering your existing spaces and then re-envision the rooms your have.  Consider what rooms you use the most and the ones you use the least.  Throw out the old traditional model of laying out your space, and start getting more creative. Sometimes, re-purposing your space will be as easy as re-arranging furniture, other times you can simply remove a few doors and add some windows.