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Recent Trends in Dual Spaces for the Home

In the architectural world, we have seen a demand increase for interesting additions to the traditional layout and rooms of a modern home. There’s nothing like spending a lot of time at home to come to some realizations about what’s missing. As people are rethinking what they need and want out of their homes, their ideas expand on both the public and private parts of the home, bearing in mind frequent use and convenience. Here are a few of the trends.

Less Sharing and More Luxury in the Master Suite

Increasingly popular over the last few years, dual, private closets allow a couple to each have their own space. Michelle Langley, Senior Design Consultant at the Closet Factory, notes that homeowners are reducing the amount of furniture in the bedroom and putting everything needed to get ready in the closet, including a vanity so that the space can be used to put on make-up. In addition, each of the dual closets features different amenity storage. According to Langley, “Women are asking for a slide drawer or dedicated cabinet to hold and display jewelry. Our custom vertical necklace sliders and jewelry end cabinets are becoming very popular. Men are looking for ways to store watches, ties and belts.” Instead of being on top of one another, dual closets let each person organize and prepare to their taste.

Taking this idea to the master bath, homeowners are asking for an expanded configuration that gives a private space for each half of the couple. Instead of a double vanity, each person gets their own vanity and their own water closet. For women, the water closet is outfitted with a bidet, and some men have been asking for a urinal in theirs. Now a couple can occupy their space in the master bath exactly how they want without overflow from their other half.

Functional Dual Studies

It has been a long time since homeowners realized that both people in a couple need space to get paperwork done at home. Whether they are both busy professionals who bring work home, or one is a stay-at-home parent who needs to manage the complexities of the running the household as well as the modern child’s activity schedule, both people need a quiet location to get work done. While most modern homes have one study, the other person had to make do with repurposed space in the basement or another inconvenient option. In the 80’s we saw the innovation of a desk space in the kitchen, but this has become less popular as people realized that they were entertaining in the kitchen and didn’t want to leave private information lying around, creating clutter. Needless to say, the recent stay-at-home lifestyle has emphasized the need for adult workspace, and this has resulted in a demand for dual, private studies on the main floor.

A Place to Congregate and Relax on the Second Floor

Modern family homes usually reserve the common spaces for the lower floors, but that is changing. Instead of limiting the second floor to bedrooms and a laundry room, we are seeing a demand for space for people to relax together, preferably with a configuration that allows for group activities like watching movies. Homeowners want to create a second-floor location where kids can gather while taking a break from homework. Rather than design a separate room for this purpose, we are expanding the common area to encourage both flow and interaction.

The New and Improved Kitchen(s)

The modern, open concept first floor creates free movement between the various common spaces, which lets families regularly congregate and entertain in the kitchen. However, some cooks would prefer to emphasize the magic and minimize the mess they expose to family and guests. We have been seeing requests for a “prep kitchen” adjacent to the entertainment kitchen. Outfitted with a sink, dishwasher and range, the prep kitchen is where spatter and smells are made in the cooking process, and dirty pots and dishes are deposited, leaving the entertainment kitchen clean and beautiful. The dual kitchens let homeowners enjoy socializing without feeling self-conscious about the state of the space.

At AV Architects + Builders, we love to create modern homes that feel like you are on vacation year-round. We are passionate about working with our clients to build their dream homes, and we enjoy sharing the latest trends in design. Contact us for a free consultation about your dream home.

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