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How to Build a Custom Home on a Private Lot

Get the home, and the location, that you want

Northern Virginia is a hub of activity and opportunity. To many it offers a home outside of the city, but allows a short commute to work and a vast business network. For families, Northern Virginia offers excellent K-12 education and the opportunity to join caring communities. These attributes and more draw people to our area, but many find it difficult to make the move as the availability for open land is believed to be slim.

Myth: There is no land in Northern Virginia left to build on.

Many people that Northern Virginia and the D.C. Metropolitan area is overcrowded and therefore lacks available land to build on.  While that is true, the fact of the matter is that land is not what you should be looking for.  Instead, look for lots in locations that strike your interest.  You deserve to have all the amenities and features you want for your custom home, all designed around your lifestyle.

As custom home builders in the DC metro area, we want to make sure that your vision come into fruition.  While at first you may not find the perfect location, check around for old homes that are awaiting a demolition/tear-down.  A lot is a piece of land that was previously built on, meaning the utilities are already at the site and all that is needed is to tear down the home.  This is a unique way of finding your perfect location that most people don’t consider but that our team can definitely help you with when building your dream custom home.