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Go Clutter-Free in a Modern Home

Modern home design focuses on clean lines, and nothing can interfere with that aesthetic more than clutter. At AV Architects + Builders, we believe in vacation-style living, and when you are on vacation, you shouldn’t be weighed down by stuff. In fact, clutter is known to have a negative effect on mental health, sleep and eating habits. Our designs aim for a year-round vacation lifestyle, which starts with paying careful attention to facilitating a clutter-free home.

Start at the Beginning

We spoke with Karen Sullivan of Organizing Genies, who is a Certified Professional Organizer through the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO). She confirms that an organized home is much easier to have and maintain when the issue is incorporated into the design stage. According to her, “Architects and builders often overlook the design details that help with organization, and it is much harder to get organized after the fact.” Poor storage considerations like inadequate dimensions, counter-intuitive locations or awkward solutions lead to a build-up of clutter, which can ruin the tranquility of a home. By incorporating organization from the foundation, a well-designed home can maintain its clean simplicity.

Focus on Critical Locations

Certain parts of the home hold most of our necessary items. To keep these areas from becoming unsightly mountains of stuff, organization and storage need to be particularly detailed.

The Kitchen. Pots, pans, dishes, glassware, small appliances, and, of course, food have a way of piling up. In a well-designed modern home, strategic cabinets are key. Incorporating deep pull-out shelves, dedicated locations for appliances – inset or behind closed doors – and an efficient layout help keep the kitchen pleasant, clean, and neat.

The Pantry. A large pantry with generous storage solutions helps take some of the pressure off the kitchen. It also should be a place to store items like linens, platters and candles that would otherwise clutter up the dining areas. Sullivan notes that the pantry shelving needs to have sufficient depth to hold storage units to help keep the space tidy.

The Bedroom. Sleep hygiene experts believe that the bedroom should be designed to optimize a restful state. Start by keeping clothing and accessories out of the bedroom and in the walk-in closets. Design the room to minimize additional furniture – leave workspaces for the study and sitting areas for the living room, and focus on maintaining a peaceful sanctuary.

The Garage. Instead of piles of boxes and stacked bikes that threaten to scratch the car every time it gets parked, a garage design should be spacious enough to include storage systems that accommodate the many items that it makes sense to keep there. “We try to organize garages space according to types of items,” says Sullivan. A good storage system will keep garden items, sports equipment and tools in accessible locations based on intended use.

The Mudroom. A great way to keep the rest of the home clutter-free is to stop it at the entry-way. A good mudroom will have storage solutions for those items that really don’t need to be in the main part of the house. Shelving, hooks, cubby-holes and other built-in solutions help to keep this area organized.

Storage Room. Modern homes have a low-pitched roof, so there is no room for an attic, which means no climbing up into unfinished, cramped spaces to find a less-used item. However, holiday decorations, suitcases, treasured family memorabilia and other things need a centralized place to be stored. We design our homes with a finished room on the lower level, usually next to the mechanical room. Here, good shelving systems can hold what you need for the times that you actually need it.

It’s All in the Details

To help keep a modern home clean and simple, small details can make a huge difference. In addition to careful design of the major storage points in the home, other solutions can reduce clutter. For example, AV and WiFi equipment has a way of accumulating. We create a centralized AV room or space and run all wiring to that area so that remote controls, modems and other gadgets can perform their necessary functions out of sight. By incorporating this solution into the design, the clutter never has a chance to accumulate.

AV Architects + Builders prides itself on planning out all the details to create clutter-free vacation-style living in its modern homes. For more information about working with us on your dream home, contact us for a free consultation. Are you living in a home that is overwhelming you with clutter and want an immediate solution? Contact Organizing Genies for help.

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