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Custom Gifts and Houses

At AV Architects + Builders, we want to make your home feel like you are on vacation year-round. We understand that this feeling is unique to each of our clients, so each of our homes is a custom design, blending our expertise with the specific preferences of our clients. To do that, we believe in doing our research and carefully interviewing our clients about their dream home to make sure every detail brings joy.

The Gift of Vacation Style Living™

Building a successful custom home is a lot like buying a gift – the more you focus on the recipient, the more likely you are to deliver something they will cherish. Before we even begin the design process, we spend time with our clients, getting to know them, and learning their style and preferences. We spoke with Debbie Meyers, a professional gifting strategist and founder of VirtuArte about the importance of noticing details that can bring success to gift-giving. “The goal is to listen to your clients. If you ask questions, and pay attention, it’s amazing how much information people will share about themselves in a conversation.” A good gift reflects the taste of the person receiving the gift.  According to Debbie, “You want the person who opens it to have a ‘wow’ moment, where they think, ‘that person really knows me.’”

Debbie helps her clients obtain gifts by using her own inventory of unique, custom art and crafted items or working with her network of vendors who sell other types of products. She starts by doing some research into the giftees preferences and interests to come up with a range of options within their budget, using her experience to offer a selection of 3-4 items for the client to choose as the gift to give. Debbie’s experience and exquisite taste help to identify and narrow down the choices to find the perfect gift.

We take a similar approach in our client interviews. We ask questions that bring out information about the client so that, when we get to the point of sharing our 3-D renderings, they are amazed at how many special features reflect their taste. We aim for that “wow” moment, and we follow up by giving our clients carefully selected options on every detail of the house.

No Custom Home is Typical

Over the years, we have been delighted by some of the creative, interesting ways our clients want to customize their home. Recently, we have enjoyed making the following preferences a reality:

Personal Pizzeria: One of our clients has of love of entertaining, and he wanted something more than a wet bar. We designed a space next to the kitchen with access to the outdoor porch to be the client’s pizza bar. Family and friends can sit at the bar while the client prepares pizzas in the Wood Stone pizza oven.

Movies On Demand: Instead of a movie room isolated in the basement, our client wanted to have the ability to have an amazing movie experience right in the family room on the main floor. Working with our preferred vendors, we included features in the home design to deliver on their wish. From automated, blackout blinds, to sound dampening in the walls and surround sound, the family room can transform into a genuine movie theater experience.

One Stop Spa: Our client asked us to create a spa experience in the master bath that incorporated various elements into a single space. We designed a large, glass enclosure that houses a sunken, Japanese Ofuro tub, a shower and steam capability. Depending on the client’s whim, they can indulge in one of the three modes without leaving the master suite.

We begin the customization process when we have an initial, free consultation without our clients. With decades of experience delivering custom homes, we know how to ask the right questions to get information about the smallest details that will make each home the perfect year-round vacation for its residents. If you want to have your dreams turned into a home, contact us for a consultation today.

Smart Home Automation: Featuring Sight and Sound Systems

Together, our experts covered everything you need to know about home automation, including:

- What is home automation?
- The benefits of home automation
- The cost of setting up and maintaining your smart home
- The most popular home automation solutions
- Smart home trends for 2021

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