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Building Relationships and Expressing Gratitude

The holidays are a time for connecting with the people we value, and this applies to both business and personal relationships. At AV Architects + Builders, we believe strongly in the importance of developing long-term, close ties with our clients and our team. Getting to know, like and trust one another is the key to each of our successful projects. This season, we are especially grateful for our relationships.

We Love Our Team of Experts

It takes about 80 people to build a house. From conception to completion, we work with seasoned professionals. We learned long ago that each aspect of our homes deserves the best quality of materials and proficiency in installation. Rather than find a subcontractor who can “multi-task”, we use specialists who truly know their area, including the latest innovations and a deep understanding of building and installation techniques for their contribution to the custom home. Their in-depth knowledge of their field contributes to the quality of the homes we produce and assures that we can deliver an 8,000 square foot house in 12 months. We work with experts in quartz counter-tops, iron railings and aluminum windows among others, and we see the results in the efficiency and quality they deliver.

Managing the team takes effort and appreciation. In the building phase of each home, we take on the role of the conductor of an orchestra. We know we are responsible for coordinating the construction. This is no small feat since each “instrument” comes in and out of the process at different times and in different ways, so we have to keep track of the entire team to assure a beautiful outcome. Like any orchestra, without the individual musicians there would be no music, so we value each and every person involved in building the homes. We have worked with many of our team for years, and we are so grateful for these relationships built on trust and respect.

For us, the homeowner is part of our team of experts. After all, they know best about what elements will make them feel like they are vacation year-round in their new home. We start with in-depth conversations about what they want, and we make sure that we are aligned with the homeowners and that they are aligned with one another. We return to them often, not only to report and update, but also to make sure that everything we are doing meets their ideal, personalized experience.

Take Appreciation to the Next Level

Our relationships with our team and our clients are incredibly important, so we take additional steps to make sure they know how much we value them. We consider regular communication to be only the beginning. We want to meet expectation and then go a step further. One of our favorite ways to express appreciation is a treat from Sweet Signatures, a business located in Sterling Virginia that specializes in putting photos and logos on chocolate covered treats. From a single box for a special occasion to a delivery of cookies to everyone on the list, Sweet Signatures makes a personalized, memorable gift.

The owner of Sweet Signatures, Monica Archondo, spoke to us about the importance of client, vendor, and employee appreciation gestures like treats. According to Monica, “Customer retention and success is about the extra bit of service – giving a card or a gift, or custom treats is that added touch that make people feel appreciated in a fun, unique way.” For a premium business, like AV Architects + Builders, our relationship with our team of trades and vendors is incredibly important, and we feel that a token of recognition like a holiday box of cookies is an excellent way to enhance the relationship. Monica also emphasizes that business networks deserve recognition. Rather than a plain gift, Monica recommends something personalized to be memorable. “You want your contact to enjoy the gift and remember who gave it,” she says.

We are so grateful for how fortunate we are in our team and our clients. We value these relationships enormously, and the holidays are an excellent time to express our appreciation. We would love the opportunity to make you a part of the team that builds your Vacation Style Living ™ home. Contact us to set up a consultation to get started on your dream home.

Smart Home Automation: Featuring Sight and Sound Systems

Together, our experts covered everything you need to know about home automation, including:

- What is home automation?
- The benefits of home automation
- The cost of setting up and maintaining your smart home
- The most popular home automation solutions
- Smart home trends for 2021

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