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Green Home/Sustainable Home Design

Building a smart home that will last a lifetime

Sustainable home design has become very popular in our day and age because of its ability to save the homeowner money in the long run and how it reduces impact on the environment.  Coming up with a new home design can be a very rewarding experience in a person’s life, but you want it to make sure it lasts a long time, that it’s sustainable.  There are a number of methods and ways to create a sustainable home design and it more common sense that it is problematic.  From location to size, orientation to layout, and lighting and materials, here is our list of the most simple and important sustainable home design elements.

Size & Location Matter

Consider the infrastructure and transportation you use when building a sustainable home.  Not having to drive everywhere and relying more on public transportation can help with being sustainable, so the location of the home helps.  Not everyone wants a smaller home, but they do allow the homeowner to be more sustainable due to how efficient they are.  It will substantially reduce the materials and energy used, thus becoming a sustainable home design.


To really capitalize on sustainable home design, make use of the natural light coming into your home.  Tall glass windows and doors around the house, especially parts you use the most, can be cost and energy efficient, and boost your sustainable home design.  Since the sun is higher in the summer than the winter, consider having some kind of sun shades or roof overhang.  These types of passive design elements can help create a home that is more sustainable.


Consider how you maximize the interior space of your home, as it can greatly reduce interior heat loss.  Building a home that maximizes space and is more spread out will have more heat loss and will prove to have more heat loss than a home that is smaller.


When building your sustainable home, consider using recycled materials such as countertops made from recycled glass and reclaimed wood.  Not only can this add visual appeal to your home, you’ll capitalize on your sustainable home design.


Lastly, lighting has a huge impact on sustainable home design.  LED lights are becoming more popular as they reduce your energy costs by using less power.  Energy Star appliances are also highly recommended.

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