Rustic Modern

This fabulous rustic-modern home measures more than 10,000 square feet with 2,000 square feet of customized outdoor spaces. The focus of our design was to create an open-floor layout and have each room connect with the next. Suitable for both family and entertaining purposes, our design offers all natural materials both on the interior and exterior. Not only does the interior offer plenty of room for entertaining, but we added a grotto and a pool to help move the fun to the outdoors. It truly is meant to make you feel like you’re on vacation all-year round.


A Home For Life

Our client was looking for a home that could serve him today and for many more years to come; a true "Home For Life". Customized to his lifestyle, we designed a home that has more square footage on the main level than on the lower level and second level. We wanted to get away from the typical layout where all floors were measured the same and create something truly unique. The main level boasts an open floor plan for all our client's entertaining intentions. To keep a more modern feel to the home, we placed the master suite on the main floor that boasts top of the line amenities and accommodations. The second level has two beautiful en-suite bedrooms with accommodating walk-in closets and bathrooms. The lower level acts as an extra guest room and an exercise/rec room with a full bath. With space for all his needs and desires, we created a truly unique design that will serve him for many years to come.


New Life, New Home

Our clients were a newly-wed couple looking to start a new life together. With a love for the outdoors and theirs dogs and cats, we wanted to create a design that wouldn’t make them sacrifice any of their hobbies or interests. We designed a floor plan to allow for comfortability relaxation, any day of the year. We added a mudroom complete with a dog bath at the entrance of the home to help take care of their pets and track all the mess from outside. We added multiple access points to outdoor covered porches and decks so they can always enjoy the outdoors, not matter the time of year. The second floor comes complete with the master suite, two bedrooms for the kids with a shared bath, and a guest room for when they have family over. The lower level offers all the entertainment whether it’s a large family room for movie nights or an exercise room. Additionally, the home has 4 garages for cars – 3 are attached to the home and one is detached and serves as a workshop for him.
The look and feel of the home is informal, casual and earthy as the clients wanted to feel relaxed at home. The materials used are stone, wood, iron and glass and the home has ample natural light. Clean lines, natural materials and simple details for relaxed casual living.


Old World Flair

Our clients loved where they lived and where they were located, they just felt they were missing something. Instead of just adding on to the existing space, we re-designed the main floor plan to make use of all of the spaces and be more cost-effective. The new design comes with a fully renovated kitchen, a large family room with a media wall, a music room for their kids to perform, and a beautiful enclosed deck and outdoor fireplace for when they want to entertain guests. Additionally, we changed the front entry and moved the stairs to the second floor. We also replaced the existing oak with beautiful wide maple hardwood. Our design helped transform their cluttered spaces into a more free-flowing, open floor layout and gave them the modern appeal they were looking for.


Modern Farm Style

Our modern farm style home design was exactly what our clients were looking for. They had the charm and the landscape they wanted, but needed a boost to help accommodate a family of four. Our design saw us tear down their existing garage and transform the space into an entertaining family friendly kitchen. This addition moved the entry of the home to the other side and switched the view of the kitchen on the side of the home with more natural light. As for the ceilings, we went ahead and changed the traditional 7’8” ceilings to a 9’4” ceiling. Our decision to approach this home with smart design resulted in removing the existing stick frame roof and replacing it with engineered trusses to have a higher and wider roof, which allowed for the open plan to be implemented without the use of supporting beams. And once the finished product was complete, our clients had a home that double is space and created many more opportunities for entertaining and relaxing in style.


Two-Story Transformation

Our clients wanted to expand their home without breaking their budget. Our design consists of a three-car garage that allows for a new in-law suite located right above. Not only that, but we re-designed the kitchen to allow an open flow into the living area and the entry mudroom. The large island acts as the centerpiece in the kitchen and highlights the attention to detail we added with the custom cabinets and storage space. Once our final product was finished, our clients got exactly what they had wanted: an open floor plan that flows effortlessly from one room to another and extra room space so they could entertain guests and family.


French Country Flair

We suggested a French Country design to solve our clients’ needs and they couldn’t agree more. Originally, the kitchen was way to widespread and disjointed, not allowing for easy access to their backyard where they spend most of their time with their kids. The main house entry was misplaced in the mudroom and the food prep area was far too small. We made sure to integrate the kitchen with the rest of the home, as the other parts were already modernized and renovated. The kitchen layout was streamlined to include a large and comfortable dining room space, with a prep area now sitting comfortably off to the side where as it doesn’t interfere with guests but still in walking distance.

Casual Living & Entertaining

Our clients were looking for a new kitchen that would connect to the outside patio and pool area. We helped change the both the look and feel of the kitchen, adding in an 8 foot hallway that allowed us to open up the back of the house and let in natural light. The tile back-splash in the kitchen mimics the brick around the existing fireplace maintained in the kitchen. Higher ceilings were the final addition to make the new design whole and give our clients the open dining and entertaining area they were looking for.

Whole House Renovation

Our clients wanted to update and expand their 1980 brick colonial house into something more modern. The project consisted of a complete renovation and reconfiguration of the kitchen and three baths, the relocation of their laundry room, the construction of a mudroom and a 2-level addition including a bathroom suite on the upper level.

Addition By Subtraction

Our clients wanted us to merge their two apartments into one living space that would be comfortable for them and their extended family and friends. The areas add up to almost 3,000 sq. ft., which needed to not only be functional, but in line with their vast collection of furniture and art work. For us, the challenge was combining two apartments, but allowing them to feel like one space. We designed one of the sections to be the private spaces with a master suite, sitting area, and a secondary kitchen. The other space was designed to function as the "public" area. This included the main kitchen, dining and entertaining area, and guests bedrooms. “The floor plan is open and feels much more spacious than what it really is”, was the general comment made by everyone that saw it for the first time after the transformation.


Family Rendevous

Our clients were looking to integrate smart design without having to sacrifice the home’s feeling and style. We decided to open up the floor plan and allow easy circulation and plenty of natural light into the house. The in-house elevator connects the in-law suite with the top levels of the home. With this design, the parents can stay for longer period of time with their family and eventually move in with them, as they had planned on doing.


Modern Takeover

Our clients wanted us to leave the exterior of her Arlington home untouched to fit the neighborhood, but to completely modernize the interior. After meeting with them, we learned of their love for clean lines and the colors red and black. Our design integrated the three main areas of their home: the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room. The open plan allows the client to entertain guests more freely, as each room connects with one another and makes it easier to transition from one to the next.
Country: United States

Modern Master Bath

Our clients were looking for a modern restructure of their master bathroom. With elevated vanities, gorgeous blue tile backsplash, and abundant space for bathroom necessities, we provided our clients with a design that they loved and could move freely in. For the master closet, we suggested adding an island in the middle to serve as storage within and on top for clothes and other items, while the remaining items could be stored along each wall. This created a nice flow from the outside to the inside of the closet.

Functional New Space

Our clients for this project weren’t just looking for an update, but for a more functional space. The challenge of the project was to make it informal and formal at the same time; the client was accustomed to having friends and family over while also hosting many dinner parties. We decided to open the space up more, we would remove the walls but still keep the kitchen as a semi-private area when the client would entertain guests. We loved the style of the home so we didn’t want to drastically change that, but instead celebrate its natural feel with beautiful stone and wood details. The kitchen reflects the stone palette used on the exterior of the home and the 5-piece aged pine that originated with the home. Overall, our clients were very excited that we could provide them a new exciting design without sacrificing the existing elements of the home they loved and adored.