What is 360 Home Living?


What is a 360 Home? It’s living like you are on vacation all year round.
Your 360 Home should appeal to all your senses. It should give the feeling of a retreat, projecting tranquility and comfort.

It is visually calming and serene, as it is comfortable and functional. It is aesthetic while it answers practical needs of a modern family.

When designing this type of sanctuary, we connect all the functional areas (kitchen, dining, mud room, garage, and home office) in to a natural flow that expands, not divides or constrains your sense of space.

It is centered around an inviting open area for dining and entertaining.

It connects with an outdoors, erasing visual borders with an outside area, and enhancing the presence of nature inside the house.

Some of the key ingredients of a 360 Home are:

Open Plan – the main floor plan of the home needs to be simple and clutter-free. Not all rooms are created equal, so your floor plan shouldn’t be divided-up equally.

Informal Spaces – the idea of a home displaying a furniture is left in the last century. Today’s lives demand a home where all the spaces are used every day and are integrated in to your lifestyle.

Central Entertaining – daily living and recreation takes place in one large open area that incorporates food preparation, dining and socializing. Not matter how big or small your home is, people just love being in the kitchen – that’s where all the action is!

Outdoor Spaces – the seamless flow from inside to outside enhances the smooth feel of a 360 Home. Outdoor features like decks, patios, grottos, gazebos, pools and gardens should be an extension of your interior. Your unique outdoors should flow right through your home’s interior.

Great Views – to delight all our senses it’s important to have direct views to the outdoors from everywhere inside your home. You can frame a spectacular view from a bedroom, stretch a line of sight from an entry – or simply create a continuous experience thru multiple areas straight through to the outside. All of these elements allow you to connect to the outdoors and enjoy your home even more.

Natural Materials – stone, wood, metal and glass complete the sensory feel of this 360 Home. Organic building materials really do help us connect with nature, which enhances the sense of being “on vacation” and relaxing at home all year round.

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