Renovations That Will Increase Your Home's Value

If you want to sell your home, especially in a buyer-friendly market where competition is strong and market value is low, you need to do something that will make your home stand out. You want a potential buyer to not only be interested in buying your home but pay a little more for it, too. That means you’ll have to spruce things up a bit. Renovation goes a long way to increasing the would-be buyer pool and your home value at the same time.


The idea, however, is not to invest more than you will get back. Remember, renovations don't just cost money; they cost invaluable time and effort that should figure into your asking price. Here are some relatively inexpensive renovations that will net high returns:

Curb Appeal

First impressions matter. That means when a potential buyer pulls up, they should see a neat yard, trimmed grass, and maybe some colorful flowers sprouting here and there. This is referred to as "curb appeal." Curb appeal is something that will attract potential buyers on sight. It will make them want to come in for a look in the first place. Someone casually driving by may notice your house and want to buy it even if they were not necessarily thinking about buying a house.

Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can make your house stand out, even it is just the door that is painted. You can make the door stand out with a color that contrasts with the rest of the house, which will immediately draw attention and spark interest.

Decorative entrance
A cobblestone walkway adds a certain cozy charm that enchants many buyers. You can also use strategically placed plants to mark a walkway, or even grow flowers in double rows to create a path leading to the entrance.

Lighten it up

Now that you have made the outside appealing, you have to make the inside just as engaging, if not more so, to keep potential buyers’ interest once they step through the door. One way to do this is increase the amount of light that enters the home. This might mean installing additional windows to let in more natural light. Skylights in bathroom and bedrooms will make those rooms look brighter and more inviting, as well. Plus, skylights are still considered trendy and people swoon over them.

Color it beautiful

Another way to brighten your home is by changing out your furniture. Color is the key. Dark and gloomy-colored upholstery can be exchanged for lighter and brighter shades. Red throw pillows on cream-colored couches, for example, can make the room look brighter and roomier, as well. Look for colors that complement each other, as clashing colors might scare buyers away. This also means your furniture should match your walls, which also means a paint job might be in order.

Remember, when it comes to renovations, just a little personal touch can make a big difference in price.