Landscape Architects & Your Northern Virginia Custom Home Architects

As Northern Virginia custom home architects, we help many families avoid one of the biggest mistakes in building and designing the home of their dreams: making the landscaping an afterthought.

To create harmony between your home and your yard, increase your usable and visual square footage, and create dynamic indoor/outdoor living and entertaining spaces, it is critical that you master plan for your landscaping from the very beginning of the home design process. To do that properly and the very most out of your entire property you will need to include a landscape architect on your team of luxury home builders in Northern Virginia.

What is a Landscape Architect?

A landscape architect designs and creates the soft-scapes and hard-scapes – in other words, everything – around the outside of your home. They will help to master plan the outside of your 360 Home, just as your architect master plans the house itself. When the two work together the results are exponential! Your home will seam larger, more livable and more harmonious.

Why You Need a Landscape Architect

Virginia custom home architects often work in conjunction with a landscape architect because to have a true 360 Home – a home that fully serves you and your family and becomes a sanctuary and a retreat for the whole family – there needs to be a connection between the inside of the home and the outside of the home. Landscape architects are so valuable because they have vision. They look outdoors and see the potential and integrate it into what is being designed inside the home. They become even more valuable when you are working with a very small outdoor space because every inch is like gold and must be maximized!

Is Your House introverted?

If you do not consider your landscaping and outdoor spaces when designing the overall functionality of your home, you run the risk of having and introverted home and lifestyle – one in which you spend very little time outdoors. Working with a landscape designer will help you to create an extroverted home – a home that allows you to spend more time outdoors entertaining, eating and enjoying your yard.

How do I Find a Landscape Architect?

The best place to find a landscape architect is to consult home builders in Northern Virginia. Having all of your designers on the same page – on a team – will ensure that you achieve your dreams of building a 360 Home.

Contact AV Architects and Builders, luxury home builders in Northern Virginia, for more information about working with a landscape architect and designing your 360 Home!