Home Design: A Quick Guide to Remodeling Your Kitchen

Do you want to REMODEL your KITCHEN and don't know where to start? Here are some things to consider…

1. BUDGET. There goes that word again…but, planning a budget is one of the most critical parts to keeping your expenses on track. In advance, you will need to know how you will be financing your new kitchen renovation.


Tip: Investing in design before build saves money!

2. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT. Start with a “wish list” of all of things that are important to you (appliances, counter-tops, flooring, etc.) and do a little research into costs of the items. Think about how you will use the kitchen and what kitchen layout will work for your family and what does not work.


Tip: Having a separate "his" and "her" wish list helps!

3. CHOOSE AN ARCHITECT/BUILDER. An architect along with a builder can help you develop your budget and be realistic about what’s achievable. They can also help you decide whether you need an addition to the existing space, move the kitchen entirely or just re-arrange the layout to function better for you.


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Tip: Having a single-point of contact saves time!

4. CONTRACT. You should acquire a written contract that has been signed and dated by both the architect and builder. The contract will include the starting and completion dates of construction as well as entail the cost of the project and warranties.


Tip: Having a fix-priced contract eliminates allowances!

5. PRE-CONSTRUCTION. Prior to construction, clear the walls of pictures, clean out cabinets, and put what you don't need in storage. Afterwards, the builder will start by removing the old kitchen elements, re-framing to add or remove a door/window/wall, removing drywall and plaster, etc.

temp-post-imageTip: This is a great time to have a de-cluttering party and get organized!

6. CONSTRUCTION. By this time, your new cabinets and other materials have been ordered. The builder and his/her team are in place and ready to begin the renovation of your new kitchen. The fun begins now!

Tip: Don't let the kitchen demo begin until cabinets have arrived!

7. FINAL WALK-THROUGH. During your walk-through is the best opportunity for you to learn how your new appliances, etc., work and review your final punch list (to do's). At the same time the builder will inform you about any of the house's mechanical systems, your responsibilities (homeowner) for maintenance and upkeep, and warranty coverage and procedures.


Tip: There is a One-Year minimum warranty on all projects so don't stress if you forget to add an item to the punch list!

8. COMPLETION. Enjoy your beautifully renovated kitchen! Remember, if you have any questions or would like to speak with a professional about your project, call or email us anytime at (703) 663-4049 or