Don't just buy a home, build your dream

When you’re financially ready to afford your dream house, you have the choice between purchasing a pre-fabricated luxury home or hiring a design firm to build from scratch. Both have strong benefits, but going custom is far superior for a myriad of reasons. Here are four of them.



Well, sure custom homes do cost more initially, but it’s debatable that they are more expensive as a whole. The reason is that building provides a nice return of investment, and it gives you the freedom to select money saving options. Not to mention, if you’re the first owner, you’ll have a much easier time selling it in the distant future.

Of course you know that building can be more flexible, but ensure that you really sit and think about all of your options. Sure, you can make improvements and renovations if you buy used, but that’s about where it ends. From start to finish, from landscape to frame, you plan your house to be ideal for your needs. You control the quality, select the materials used, the color schemes, and in most cases, room shapes.

You can make your life a lot easier by going custom, solely for the convenience factor. You might not normally consider something like heating ducts, or the size of a water heater, but with a new construction, you can ensure that everything works like a well-oiled machine. For example, certain vents do not allow for central-air conditioning. That is not something you want to find out when it is in the triple digits next summer! Building from the ground up is your way to ensure that your house is in its prime condition, and you’re the first to live in it.


The most popular custom plan trend is the one that takes you to your dream house and one that follows your needs. The 70's brought split levels and a lot of the contemporary lines. Building_trendsThe 80's brought a compartmentalization- rooms that people are not using today. What we see today are houses that are built around everyday needs. Open floor plans with family and entertainment spaces in mind. Consider classic, but still contemporary interiors. Think light and clean walls with simple decor to add a touch of elegance. Integrated patios and outdoor dining areas are ‘all the buzz’ right now.
A trend led by all the baby boomers, now in a retiring stage, are "Homes for Life". These are a growing demand in Northern Virginia. Building to accommodate your retirement needs in a place that can be used for this, and the next generation, is a trend that "never gets old".

As more homeowners go custom and modern, the rooms change. Some projects have up to three areas, all of which could be a living room or a den. While the added space is ideal for big families, there is no set living room for family congregations. Currently, architects are building houses with a set area for exactly this. Usually, in modern luxury homes, a new kitchen will also consist of a dining area, and a living area. Replacing formal dining rooms and creating integrated areas.

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