Article: Want To Make Your Custom Home Feel Bigger?

When it comes to making a home feel good, grand and luxurious by connecting indoor spaces with outdoor spaces one only needs to consider the Californian or Mediterranean styles that are featured in so many architectural and design magazines today. But if you’re not lucky enough to live in one of these beautiful areas, don’t worry. Your custom luxury home builders in Northern Virginia can help you create a home that gives you the best of both worlds while continuing staying true to the theme of your neighborhood, even if you live in a colonial or bungalow style home.

Start by considering the spaces located in the back of your home: the kitchen, living room, etc . These rooms should flow easily into the back yard. Here are the three top tips that will help you make your home seem bigger, feel better and help you create the 360 Home of your dreams:


1. Strategically Place Windows and Doors

You likely don’t need more windows and doors; you just need to strategically place them to open up the house to the back yard. Unfortunately, most homes have considerably more windows in the front of the house creating an imbalance, as people spend more time in the back rooms (kitchen, living room, etc.) of their home.

2. Aim Higher: Height Makes a Big Difference

You can make your home feel much grander and larger if you are sure to make the height of your outdoor space – a screened porch, covered eating area, deck, etc. – higher than the ceiling you are transitioning from. For example, if your indoor ceiling is nine feet high the ceiling of the screened in deck should be higher than nine feet so that as you step outside you automatically look up instead of just out. Also consider the height of the doors and windows that transition from inside to outside. Tall doors and big windows are a low cost, low labor solution that will make a big impact!


3. Make Seamless Transitions

Remember to extend the materials you use indoors to your outdoor spaces to create continuity between spaces. The types of materials, the direction they are laid (think flooring), the colors you choose – all of these seemingly minor considerations can make a huge impact on the look and feel of your home by marrying the inside with the outside.

By master planning how the inside of your home will relate to the outside. Custom luxury home builders in Northern Virginia, like AV Architects and Builders, you can have the home of your dreams!