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Home design is changing. Until recently, many luxury home builders in Northern Virginia focused most of their energy on making the inside of your home the haven of your dreams and the outside, as an afterthought, was relegated to a small patio or cookie-cutter deck. But those days are over. Today, home designers, like AV Architects and Builders, master plan the outdoor spaces of the homes they build with as much attention and importance as the inside spaces. It’s a whole home approach that prioritizes flow between the entrance, interior and outside spaces of a home. The result? A home that looks and feels larger, acts as a year-round-vacation-style retreat, and is more conducive to entertaining.

Here are a few key concepts to keep in mind when taking this approach to outdoor spaces:

  • Go Bigger – Homeowners have an initial tendency toward smaller outdoor spaces. We say go bigger! Utilize your property and extend your home by putting the “great” in great outdoors.

  • Inside Out – Bring a little of the inside outside by incorporating some of the many new materials, fixtures and furniture for outdoor spaces that create the feeling of being indoors.

  • Step-by-Step – Master plan for the necessary access to and vantages of your outdoor spaces, even if you can’t build the outdoor spaces right away. It’s much easier to place windows and doors in the design phase, than after the fact. Similarly, you can phase in each individual outdoor space to accommodate your budget or timeline. For example, it’s very cost efficient to build a deck one year, then build the roof another year, and then finally screen it in.