Article: Choosing a Home Style with Your Custom Home Architect

As home builders in Northern Virginia we like to say, “You can’t change the taste of the cake with the icing. The same way you can’t change the way a space functions with the details.” This is our way of saying: Design your entire home – the rooms, the layout, the placement of the home on the lot – to function for the way you live and the way you want to feel in your home. Redecorating alone can’t make up for a bad design, just like icing can’t make up for a bad cake. This is a key concept to keep in mind when choosing the overall style of your home, whether it be Colonial, Modern, Arts and Crafts, etc.


A Classic Mistake

One of the classic styles in Northern Virginia is the Colonial. They are beautiful homes, but they don’t fit today’s lifestyles. They are filled with museum rooms – sitting areas, dining areas, formal living areas, etc. Although they are beautiful, much of the compartmentalized space is not used. In fact, some of my clients don’t even set foot in 30% of their first floor!

The Solution: A 360 Home

Most people tend to purchase homes that are rigid and compartmentalized, but once they start living in the space they realize that they want to live in a functional, open, casual, simple environment. Ideally, you want a home where every room has a purpose, where all the rooms integrated, and the house relates to the site. That is the 360 Homes concept in a nutshell and we know it is the secret to having the home of your dreams.

Choose YOUR Style

Remember, everyone’s style is a little different. You may like contemporary design, but not like the cold feeling the materials have. That’s okay; we can help. There’s no reason you can’t combine styles to find the right fit for you and your family. For the most part everyone is searching for a 360 Home: clean lines, open floor plan, and lots of indoor-outdoor spaces. That home can be yours whether you’re remodeling or building a custom luxury home in Northern Virginia.