Article: 6 Things to Share with Your Custom Home Architects


When working with luxury home builders in Northern Virginia, like AV Architects and Builders, there are six key things to communicate from the start. We call them the “program” for your home. When developing the program for your home it’s easiest to think of it as a list of needs and wants that will help the builder and designer understand the style and functionality you need in your new or remodeled home.

The six elements of a good home program are:

  • Style – These are the details and design that appeal to you.
  • Size – How big – or small – would you like your home to be?
  • Spaces – This is a list of each space or room you would like to have in your new home and, most importantly, how each of those rooms relate or flow into one another.
  • Examples – Collect pictures or samples of textures and materials that inspire you. We like and as great tools for sharing your vision with your architect builder.
  • Quality of Material – Remember, cheap in expensive in the long run. Decide what level of quality you will be most happy with.
  • Budget – Don’t design in the dark! Know how much you can spend and clearly communicate that with your builder. Open communication will eliminate surprises and disappointment and allow you to truly enjoy your 360 Home!

There are several trends in home building and remodeling today that you may want to consider when developing the program for your 360 Home – a home designed to be your sanctuary where the layout, design and style serve you and your entire family and make you “feel” good at home.

The top 10 trends to consider when developing a program for your home are:

  1. Open floor plans
  2. Large kitchens
  3. Indoor/outdoor spaces
  4. Smart homes (utilizing computerized components)
  5. Upstairs laundry rooms
  6. Mudrooms
  7. Large storage space
  8. Large closets
  9. Multipurpose rooms
  10. Multigenerational homes

We also recommend the following books as terrific resources when developing a program – or plan – for your new or remodeled home:

How to Work with an Architect by Gerald Morosco

The Barefoot Home by Marc Vassallo

And, as always, you can find informative blog posts, videos, podcasts and resources at