Article: 5 Tips for Choosing Exterior Finishes with your Home Builders in Northern Virginia

Think of your home’s exterior finishes as the skin of your house. Work closely with your custom luxury home builders in Northern Virginia to choose the finishes that will help you create the home of your dreams. Here are five top tips we encourage our clients at AV Architects and Builders to consider when designing the exterior “feel” of their 360 Home.

Keep in mind; everything you see from the outside of the house is considered an exterior finish from the windows and doors to the walls and roof. Roofing materials make a big impact and can include shingles, copper, metal, slate, terra cotta and more. The walls of your home could feature siding, hardie plank, wood, brick, stone or stucco. While wood requires maintenance, hardie plank is an engineer wood that can be painted like wood without all of the maintenance. It also adds thermal value. We believe the very best choice for your exterior walls is stone, but it can be a costly option!

5 Top Tips for Choosing the Exterior Finishes of Your 360 Home

  1. Look Around – Browse your neighborhood for ideas. To a certain degree your home should be in alignment with the exterior style of the neighborhood, but a great designer can help you have a modern house that fits well within a traditional neighborhood.
  2. Look Within – You should absolutely consider the interior of your home when choosing exterior finishes, not only in style but also in materials, textures, colors, etc. This will create a nice balance between the indoors and outdoors.
  3. Make a List – Jot down a list of what you like and then decide which finishes are the most important to you. Make that your focal point and everything else will just fall in line!
  4. Obey the Rule of Three – 3 is a magic number! The maximum number of exterior finishes you should have is three. This applies to the number of colors you choose as well.
  5. Invest Wisely – Always focus on putting money into the items that you cannot easily replace down the road. For example, invest in stone or brick, windows and roofing.

And even though exterior finishes may seem about making big choices for big areas of your home, don’t forget to focus on the little things, as well. Fixtures, like lights, mailboxes, and shutters need to be carefully considered or they can become an eyesore.

For information how to best work with your Northern Virginia custom home architects to build or remodel the 360 Home of your dreams, make sure to check our library of helpful videos and podcasts. With the right advice – and the right professional – you can love your home again!