ARTICLE: 3 Ways to Find Inspiration | Luxury Home Builder

After 10 years of working as custom luxury home builders in Northern Virginia, we know how people in our area really want to live. Still, to make your dream home – your 360 Home – a reality, we need to partner with our clients to capture their style and understand how they truly use their living spaces. To do that, we ask them to communicate some of their key design preferences, their likes and dislikes and the way they would like their home to function and serve the family.

If you are looking for inspiration as you work with a Virginia custom home architect, like AV Architects & Builders, we suggest the following three steps:

  1. Take Notes – A great starting point for finding inspiration when creating your 360 Home is to start taking notes on how you use your home – or how you wish you could use your home. Homes are generally designed in a generic way where each room has essentially the same amount of space. But each family’s needs are different. You don’t have a cookie-cutter family, so you shouldn’t have a cookie-cutter home. Find inspiration in creating a home that will serve your family and your unique needs, functionality and space requirements.
  2. Make a List of Rooms – If just taking notes isn’t doing the trick, get more specific. Make a list of the number and types of rooms you would like to have in your 360 Home – even if you are remodeling an existing floorplan. Then for each room ask yourself. How do I need to use this room? For what purposes and what times of the day?. How big – or small – would I like this room to be? Where would I like this room to be located in the house and where would I like it to be located in relation to other rooms of the house?
  3. Build Boards– Whether you use actual push pins and magazine clippings or Pinterest, start compiling design ideas somewhere. Architects, builders and designers are visual people and we will be able to adopt your aesthetic more easily if you give us visual cues. is a wonderful resource where you can create “ideabooks” for each room or project or area of your home. Warning: this site can become addictive!

Bonus Tip: Go to Your Happy Place

If you’re convinced your last vacation was a little slice of heaven, then why not design your home to recreate that feeling? Using your favorite vacation spot as the inspiration to design or remodel your home is great way to live like you’re on vacation all the time.


Photo was taken in Ronda, Spain on one of our family trips home...

Wherever you find inspiration, find a way to convey it to your architect design builder and you could be living the dream sooner than you think!