Article: 3 Secrets for Making Your Home Beautiful from Top McLean Architects

When you’re working with custom luxury home builders in Northern Virginia, like AV Architects and Builders in McLean, there are hundreds of key decisions you’ll have to make to ensure your house is the home of your dreams. One key element will be interior finishes. Details and finishes have a huge impact on the feeling of your home. To help you choose wisely AV Architects and Builders CEO Francisca Alonso is sharing three secrets for making your home beautiful!

  1. Unified Feeling - Make sure that each element in your house carries over from room to room, indoors to outdoors. Interior and exterior finishes should go hand in hand. You don’t have to use the same tile or finishes in every room, but the feeling should be the same throughout the entire house.
  2. Cheap is Expensive - Avoid builders’ grade materials. They are only designed to last for a short time and will have to be replaced or repaired down the road. And labor costs do not adjust with the quality of materials; you pay just as much to install cheap materials, as quality materials. It’s worth it to invest in quality!
  3. Splurge on THIS Room – The powder room! It is likely the only room many of your guests will be alone in – with a little time to really look around. The powder room is your business card. There isn’t much square footage and it’s a high traffic area, so why not put the most into it?