7 Tips To Picking The Best Custom Home Builders In Northern VA

For many people, committing to a new investment of building a home takes a lot of time and money. However, what most people don't realize is that you don't have to sacrifice the fun and excitement that comes with that investment. The success of any new home investment project hinges on several factors including planning and having the right resources. Therefore, it is important to hire a strong team of experts to help interpret exactly what you want and how much you want to spend.
When you decide you're ready to invest in a new home project, you might be surprised as to how many people must be involved for the project to be an overwhelming success. Architects, engineers, contractors, landscapers, and interior designers all play important roles in making your dream home a reality. However, figuring out exactly who to bring in to work on your project is no small task.

Consider these tips to help you choose the best team, optimize time, minimize headaches, and ultimately enjoy the process from beginning to end.


1. Define your needs and have a clear set of goals

Do your research. You want to consider every aspect of the project you want covered and included before considering who will be in charge of making them a reality. Many builders specialize in a specific type of home, price range, or style, so it's important to know what you want to do before building your team.

2. Set realistic and measurable expectations

Just like any business, you’re engaging in a temporary partnership. Make sure your team can interpret your style and needs from the beginning, even during your first conversation. When you share your ideas, your team should be able to interpret those ideas and bring solutions to adapt your needs to the project at the design stage, not after.

3. Develop a team that will bring you results
A good design/build team will capitalize on time and excel in quality and efficiency. The team you develop should be able to bring you the best options and choices available, based on the information you presented them in the design stage of the project. Look for a team that will work with your schedule and not vice versa.

4. Ask the right questions
Are past home buyers satisfied? Is there a design fit? Trust is the biggest factor in any investment like this, so it's important to consider their track records when choosing your team. You also have to consider if their past experience and portfolio matches that of your expectations.

5. Look for signs of quality and experience
Make sure you identify certain industry standards and whether or not they place a lot emphasis on quality. What sort of building products do they use, and are they brands with a high reputation for quality? Asking these questions and determining this in the earlier stages could save you a lot of trouble later on down the road.

6. Consider the home's re-sale value
No one is saying that you'll be selling your new home anytime soon, especially not right after building it. However, having good re-sell value only emphasizes the quality of your home and the work that was done on it. Check to see how other projects have turned out when determining who you'll choose to hire. It's important to reinforce trust when investing a lot of time and money into a new home.

7. Establish and maintain the TRUST factor

As the client; when you are investing a lot of your personal time and money into an investment such as building a new home, you need to be able to trust those you put in charge to do said tasks. Make sure your team is licensed and insured, and make sure they completely understand not just the design and goals you have for the project, but your budget as well. Have them reiterate each of your ideas multiple times during the design/build process so that there is no mis-commnication down the road.