360 Home Living: What is a holiday inspired room anyway?

Modern can be cozy too, it just depends on the use of materials and colors


Modern Dining Room by Winter Park Architects & Building Designers Phil Kean Design Group
I am sure you're looking for a versatile dining room. But, if you really enjoy the holidays you will be happy with a quick up do for your room every year. And, thrilled with a room that, when you change the center piece to the occasional theme, glows with holiday spirit immediately.

In my last blog, I mentioned planning is an important step to get to your dream home. Finding the right design to hold holiday inspiring spaces in the future, could be one of your top list priorities for your future home projects. Especially if you enjoy celebrating and often have family visiting for the holidays.

As Thanksgiving celebration approaches, most of us are thinking of decorations, home improvements, and unfinished projects around the house. Of course we are thinking about giving thanks for the good things in the preceding year, a good harvest and the opportunity of having family and friends together.

For those visiting, the preparation may go in a different direction. For us hosting, using unique clever ideas for design and decoration is the itch around these days. Personally, I have to think about the food lastly in my plan. My husband and I start making the rounds about a month before checking every room to make a list of improvements and house changes before thanksgiving week. The aim is to resume unfinished projects and make sure all improvements are finished before the holiday arrives. With in-laws visiting, family and friends arriving from all over the place, guest rooms and the dining room become the focus of attention. Along the thoughts that go into finishing what's needed ASAP, there is "room" to think about new improvements to follow up later.

You can dedicate small spaces for dining during holidays if you think ahead.


So, how to plan or remodel a dining room to become a holiday inspired room all year round? How about starting with your guest list!

Guests sit, dine, wander and chat. What do you need for all the dining, chatting, siting and wandering around? Yes, I know it sounds the same as creating a home for entertaining. But, I am going for the warmth and comfy feeling of the holidays. The functionality of areas may seem similar to the general idea of entertaining, but there is something warm and cozy if you are holiday inspired. Some designs are good for entertaining but kind of “cold” for the holidays. Some people may like small parties, and some people like the entire family to be around for these events. More and more families are dropping the idea of enclosed traditional dining rooms and opening the space to everyday dining. This gives way to designing ideas that create spaces with flow. Big rooms can become cozy if you integrate natural materials and warm colors.


Architects are used to designing around client's existing furniture. If you are not thinking about a change in dining table, then this will define your room. If your mind is floating around the idea of a change, ask yourself what will change in your life in the close future? How will that change define the use of your dining room? Design this- and every-room according to the way you see yourself down the line. Imagine your holiday events, these are usually the biggest. What is a good average number of guests you invite to these occasions? This will help you decide on the size of the area, and define it as a formal or informal dining space. Some people only like parties big enough to be sitting at the table, others prefer big parties with buffet counters and people flowing into other rooms. Think about your different seating scenarios.


Materials and color usually make a room cold or cozy. This usually goes in combination with each person’s style. There is a full theory behind warm and cold colors that you may want to explore. “Warm colors are vivid and energetic, and tend to advance in space.


Cool colors give an impression of calm, and create a soothing impression”. It is in the use of white, black or grey in combination with color that makes colors smooth, soft or a completely different tone. For a cozy fall and winter holidays inspire design, you will often recognize warm colors tints and shades.

Bright warm colors in a time of tinted and shaded warm colors -fall


Other details are key, like lighting and ceiling trim (look at our first picture). Architectural features in the room can add character to the room. Traditional homes usually work with more accents in the ceilings and walls. Work with an interior designer to add decorative pieces that will make the room holiday ready all year round, like wall colors and art.

Fire, rocks and wood bring warmth to this room


For building design and decoration there are millions of pictures in the internet, and crafty sites, like Pinterest and Houzz. You can use these sites as guidance in the finishing touches in the house or creating a home that would work well for all holidays to come. For the time being let’s be thankful for the home you have and the time to share it with family and friends. Happy planning!