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In this episode of the 360 Homes Radio Show AV Architects and Builders CEO Francisca Alonso reveals the 5 details that can make or break your home design plans. You’ll learn how to love your house again by choosing the right home improvements:

  • Crown Moulding

  • Paint

  • Lighting

  • Quality Materials

  • Design Team

Listen to this radio interview of Francisca Alonso to learn more about this: Choosing the Details for Your Home


On one hand, sometimes removing details like crown molding and allowing the walls to blend seamlessly into the ceiling will help to open up a smaller, darker room.

On the other hand, crown molding has a big impact in a room. When you are limited to height, play with crown molding toBasement_crown_molding make the room feel bigger.

Small details can differentiate spaces in a big way. The choices in paint, for example, will give your room a complete different feel. Bold colors offer contrast, white colors offer a open feel. Darker warm colors absorb light and cold light colors reflect light. Choose lighter shades of dark hues to lighten up rooms with small windows.


Lighting is key. Use natural light wherever you can. Use skylights and big windows in areas where you spend most of your time.

Your choice on ceiling lighting should not look like a plain runway, but it should offer you enough light to complement with lower lighting that is just for ambiance and decoration.

Quality materials will be worth the extra investment down the road. You don't need to buy expensive, but a little research or a consultation with an architect builder and an interior designer will help you get the most for your buck. You want materials that will "age gracefully", unless you're planning on selling your home right away.

Inviting the right team of local experts to help you make these little changes may help you avoid mistakes. Find someone who is willing to listen to your real needs. Remember you will be working with this team for a while.


About Francisca Alonso of AV Architects and Builders:

Francisca Villarroel Alonso is the co-founder and CEO of AVArchitects + Builders. Recognizing that happiness is of most value to people, Francisca helps homeowners love their homes again. Francisca believes that great architecture can provide a true sense of well-being and she strives to provide design value for their clients by building beautiful homes that are in alignment with their lifestyle.

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