360 Home Living: Back to School... Space Management and Home office


g back to school, re-organizing yours and your kids’ work spaces, and giving another work year a good start.

Developing and practicing 360 Home Living, we are inspired by the world traditional architecture and cultural customs.

We looked at a Japanese house and space management. Both modern and traditional Japanese homes are globally famous and admired for their warmth, impeccable style and flexibility of the space organization.

Movable walls (screens, sliding doors, curtains) create spaciousness and open flow even in a small house. Built in cabinetwork, holdings, closets, sitting niches eliminate clutter and a need for a storage furniture.

An abundant use of natural materials, such as wood, bamboo, stone, seagrass, and minimal use of furniture create a warm, homey and spacious ambience. We see many references to the Japanese space management and living arrangements in today's life style trends: from their architecture and interior design to food and spiritual practices.

We also revisited the Nordic part of the world and their practical approach to arranging a work space and storage. As well as their traditional desire to enhance a natural day light and brightness in their homes.

They have a similar approach to the use of built in shelves, pull out desks, sitting areas and blending them with walls and a floor. Most of the time they keep their wood painted white or stained with lighter shades.

We like simplicity and a sleek elegance of both styles, as they can easily accommodate visually stimulating color splashes, mixing old and new pieces creating a nice contrast.

Our Inspirations this week:

Ambient morning background music


Traditional Japanese House Entrance Hall ( sliding doors, removable screens and room dividers allow a flexible and creative change of space)


Traditional Japanese House mudroom ( built in holdings, use of natural materials, beautiful combination of wood and stone create a spa-like tranquil and warm ambience )


Modern Swedish Home Office Solutions. Kids love hide-aways, caving in, having their essentials bundled up all in one place. Here are two ways of how to make make the most out of small space without creating a clutter of storage and office furniture.