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Our Mission

We believe design influences the quality of your everyday life. Our philosophy integrates smart design with quality and efficiency to deliver custom homes that provide functional and flexible spaces in connection with the natural environment. 

What is your style?

Our goal is to develop a home that is cozy, roomy, and allows you to entertain and live your life the way you like. You no longer have to mold to the house – your house is molded to you!

Dream Home Features

AV Architects and Builders has been the salvation to our many clients who desperately need to remodel or renovate existing and new areas to finally give them the home of their dreams.


Lifestyle Floor Plans

When we’re getting to know you, we learn about your lifestyle and “wish list” for your new design. We study the location and come up with solutions so your house can best fit for you and your family.

Personalized Living

AV Architects + Builders has an extensive background in designing, developing, and building homes that are customized to your everyday needs. We can build the home of your dreams by understanding...

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